Solar LED street light FAQ

In the lighting industry, LED light sources are mainly used in building exterior lighting, entertainment venues and stage lighting, indoor space display lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting, signage and indicative lighting, traffic lights, and so on. Since the brigh

Qian Shi Er 100,000 cash reward Guoxue recite

On February 18, on the occasion of the start of the Year of Horse, Simsil issued 100,000 yuan in cash to reward employees who recite the classical Chinese culture during the Spring Festival holiday. Although such rewards are common in Simsil, the award-winning employees Can not conceal the joy of

What color with blue

Hot spring and summer is approaching, how beautiful and how sunscreen seems equally important, but as the most sunscreen color their own - sapphire blue is naturally become an essential spring and summer colors friends. It has a noble and luxurious temperament, but also has the characteristics of