Flare pants back fashion trend continues to hit

Its features are: low waist short crotch, tightly wrapped buttocks; narrow width under the legs, gradually opened from below the knee, Kukou size significantly larger than the size of the knee, the formation of trumpet-shaped. After N years later, legendary denim flare pants re-hit the mainland, ho

What are the black pearls?

Black pearls can generally be divided into the following three types: 1. Natural black pearl Nuclear culture of black pearls (cultured in Pinctadamargaritiferacumingi, may be some kind of mother-of-pearl). This mother-in-law lives in the French Polynesian atoll. 2. Rare

How to match the winter MM is more thin

The occasion of the beginning of winter, water-one-third. Seeing the beginning of the winter season, bid farewell to the fall, let us usher in the winter of 2013. The most embarrassing winter than fat. The most fat winter is the fat, you wear a little more, others say hey, so fat afraid of cold ah