Introduction to Jade Culture

"There is a heart for beauty," and our ancestors have always loved jade. Appreciating jade is a noble hobby. Our ancestors recognized the hardness and beauty of jade as early as 5,000 BC. Jade can not only be used to grind tools, weapons, but also beautiful decor

Cool personality in summer is cool and stylish

Ben Wang August 12 hearing, summer heat, crush have their own dress up. I believe that most crush will avoid the black dress in the summer, but it is because there are a few fashion people willing to accept the challenge. How to wear black in the summer to show personality but not bored? Sexy see


The reason why tourmaline can sell well in the market is mainly because of its colorful and beautiful colors, but also that the same tourmaline can present different colors. But because the price of tourmaline is slightly more expensive than other stones such as crystal, m

Reasons and solutions for noise in the engraving machine

The engraving machine stepper motor has a pause every step of the way, and the noise is normal. At a certain frequency, the embossing engraving machine also generates resonance of the body, emitting obvious noise. This type of noise does not affect the normal use of the machine. The noise that af