Thinning spring outfit with short jacket + long skirt

This February 21 hearing, short-sleeved jacket + dress is not to be missed in early spring gold (special store) partner, especially for the petite girls, the effect of elongated legs ratio immediate; tough jacket and feminine dress is still a Never miss a mix and match, whether you're on the s

Those who can ward off evil

This year is the year of the python, and the friends of the Year of the Snake hope to have a good luck in this year of life. More hope is that they will be safe in a year. Let me introduce some evil-cut jewelry and hope to help everyone. The zodiac signs The L2 Zodiac is

Silver jewelry maintenance Daquan

One: The best maintenance method for silver jewelry is to wear it every day, because the body oil can produce a natural and lustrous luster. 2: Do not wear other precious metal jewelry at the same time when wearing silver jewelry to avoid collision deformation or scratchi