Variety of jeans with summer style

Ben Wang, July 10 hearing, the classic jeans are not affected by the season, when and where you can wear a trendy tide outfit, deeply loved by fashionistas. In particular, men with smaller characters, although not tall, but the various wear jeans make you quickly enter the ranks of fashionistas. T

Li Denya brand women's fashion advertised

Li Denya brand women's fashion advertised! Shenzhen Li Denya Garment Co., Ltd. is Hong Kong Yingying fashion international business group LIDENGYA brand in China's total agents. LIDENGYA women's brand in Europe and South Korea mainly to women's fashion, not only in the global fash

Textile Terms - Bathrobe

Yukata is a kind of kimono and is a kind of clothing during the summer in Japan. Yukata is a lighter kimono. As the name implies, a yukata is a bathing-related dress; in a ryokan, a yukata is a common clothing after bathing in hot springs or bathing. Yukatas are also common in festivals, f