The quality of export sweaters needs to be improved

In recent years, China’s textile and apparel exports have been subjected to policy or technical trade barriers from different countries and economies. The safety of export apparel products has always been one of the common concerns in Europe and the United States and other countries

The best choice of orange trend wind 2012 shoes

On December 28th this site, orange as a bright color will continue to play an important role in the spring and summer of 2012. In the spring and summer 2012 footwear, there are many shoes that use bright and brilliant orange to create modern hipsters. The bright orange-coloured shoes bring a stron

Chanel 2012 spring and summer advanced custom show

Welcome aboard Chanel ( Chanel ) aviation! Yes, designer Karl Lagerfeld designed the Chanel 2012 spring / summer show to be a realistic cabin. Since it was soaring into the sky, the blue was of course the season's favorite. Advanced custom theme color. Welcome to Chanel Airlines! Yes, desig

Quanzhou Hongyan beauty wedding dress wholesale and retail

Company Profile: Hongyan beauty Clothing Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful maritime Silk Road starting point --- Quanzhou, Fujian Province, the company was founded in 2006. Is a wedding dress-led, bridal suite and cheongsam for supporting, design, development, production, sales and brand opera