China loses dominance in apparel production

Business News Agency September 26 hearing Chinese textile and apparel industry people worry that the future of textiles and clothing will lose their original competitiveness, profit margins will also be greatly reduced. It is unlikely that the Chinese government will introduce relevant mea

Three effective search engine marketing solutions

[China Glass Network] Three effective solutions for search engines: First, soft text Soft texts don't have to say a lot of headaches, but this is a very simple question. The method of choosing a soft text is two points. To learn these two points, you need to find a more

Red coral prices double or triple in a year

In the face of the amazing increase in Red Coral, gold had to “compete and bow down”. Less than a year later, red coral prices have doubled or tripled, making Red Coral the “key target” for speculation. However, in the eyes of people in the industry, the speculation

Do you want to "lie" when doing business?

[China Glass Network] In the huge marketing army, there are various behavior habits, and there are also various business people survival theories, such as "lie theory." Some people say that they don’t lie to do business badly; some say that lying is a good fai

80 version 50 yuan price over 3000

"I heard that the fourth edition of the *** has been turned over a few times!" "I have a few red fifty pieces in my house. Is that valuable?" ... Recently, Yueyang City's coin collection has reached a climax and can often be heard. Dialogue between investors. The re

Where does the cotton in the turmoil go?

Business News Agency September 25th Cotton has been oscillating narrowly in this region for about 2 months. There are countries with unlimited reserve holdings at the bottom, there are a lot of selling orders above the selling pressure, coupled with the downturn in the spot. Cotton can onl