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LOVEBOX socks is a famous brand owned by Hong Kong company RAINBOWHOSIERYCO.LTD. LOVEBOX socks design experience from Italy and London and other major fashion birthplace, its unique design and excellent quality together, continue to be bold innovation, at the expense of raw materials, complex and

By song fashion ladies wear romantic and elegant

According to Song Fashion Shu women with a unique combination of Chinese and Western style is known more for its excellent quality won the majority of female fashion respected. After more than two years of development, the company has now opened nearly 50 brand stores in vast areas in southern Chi

Where is the cotton "robbered"?

In just five months, the cotton spinning industry has been devastated and overwhelming. From August 2010 to August of this year, the price of cotton, like a roller coaster, went all the way from the basic point of 17,000 yuan/ton to the 34,000 yuan/ton in March this year. Afterwards, it f

Out-of-juvenile wear simple design, fashion dignified

The progress of our times has driven us to pursue the quality of life and to find the self of personality. The distinctive flavor makes the young generation more confident and more free and easy. "Focus on health, environmental protection, comfort, fashion, the pursuit of quality, pay attentio

Violet: How to identify the true and false of silk

Theoretical identification We went to the mall to see that the outer packaging was silk quilt, then we can not look at the brand of its outer packaging, but to see what the filler is indicated on its product. We take a 4 kg silk bed as an example, a silk quilt below 800 yuan, its filling is in