Hand painted shoes worn on the feet of art

Hand painted shoes, also known as graffiti shoes, painted shoes, that is, based on the original solid color finished shoes, according to the style of shoes, fabrics and customer preferences, painters in the upper with a special hand-painted paints to paint a beautiful, personalized picture, not Imp

Violet: How to distinguish chemical fiber from silk

In the midsummer, the silk was favored by the public because of its lightness and coolness. Recently, a lot of chemical fiber quilts have been added to the market, which has caused consumers to suffer economic losses. The brand home textile violet teaches you how to distinguish true and false

Vera Wang 2012 spring vacation ladies

Faded 2011 autumn and winter gorgeous fur coat and fold dress, 2012 Vera Wang (VeraWang) Girls put on the movement into a short jacket, windbreaker and wrapped dresses. Hand-painted effect of the vermilion, black polka dot pattern and like the ink stripe plain pattern, adding a fresh air of early

Yung Yue, release unlimited vitality of youth

Yung Yue Women is between fashion and leisure the perfect combination! Avant-garde without exaggeration, leisure and not too casual, it respects the new philosophy of life: a culture based on the refined without losing the atmosphere, elegant and far from vulgar, both stylish and not simply with t