Four tips to improve inquiry feedback

“Inquiry” is a necessary stage in the procurement staff's operational process. After receiving the company's procurement tasks or requisitions, understanding the current inventory status and procurement budget, it is more important to find and contact the s

Basic operation of bulk cargo consolidation

With the rapid development of international trade and the continuous extension of transportation services, LCL transportation of containers is widely used, but LCL transportation is different from full container transportation. Its transportation requirements have its particul

Mysterious Dior Women's 09 Early Autumn Series

The original 2009 is not only popular veil, it seems to be very popular eye mask! ! But also lace eye mask it. This Dior (2009) early autumn series, the most eye-catching than the blindfold. Did the dim light at the party, plus lace eye masks, feel full of mystery? The original 2009 is not only a